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Official Skyway Virtual Thread

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I have a disclaimer, for any site admins or moderators who may come across and read this thread: THIS ISN'T HERE FOR RECRUITING PURPOSES!

Obviously, for likely rules within the Airline Empires community, I will not be using the forums or chat to recruit members. Nor will I allow any of our current members to do so either. As ironic as that may seem with a post titled "Official Skyway Virtual Thread". It's was never the intention, nor will it ever be the intention, for Skyway to persuade AE members to join, or to sway them away from Airline Empires through intentional persuasion to join. We graciously accept any help from those who come forward on their own accord and ask to fly or help out, but we will never ask of any individual ourselves if they would like to fly for the virtual airline. There are places for us to recruit pilots, and the AE forum is not one of them.


Long story short: Please see and think of this thread as a Press Release for Skyway VA, and not as a recruitment depot. 






UPDATE - 4/3/17

Right now, things are looking good for the launch of Skyway as a virtual airline. As for the launch itself, we don't have an official date. I originally said late April-early May, but due to time constrictions and college work, this launch date might be somewhere in mid to late May, depending on how quickly the website is built, ACARS systems are setup, manuals are written and the fleet painted.



Skyway's fleet consists of primarily payware products from a wide variety of product developers, although we do allow pilots to use freeware models of the same planes if they can't afford the products, as owning them is not mandatory. Being that Skyway is set to operate on both FSX: Steam Edition and P3D, we've handpicked the majority of our fleet to be cross compatible with both simulation platforms. 


We use the following products:



  • 737-700NGX
  • 737-800NGX
  • 777-200
  • 777-300ER
  • 747-400 v3


  • Boeing 757-200
  • Boeing 757-300

Captain Sim

  • Boeing 767-300 *Currently FSX only*


  • Airbus A319X and A320X
  • Airbus A330X (upon product release)

Majestic Software

  • Bombardier Dash-8-Q400



We currently plan on starting operations at the following 5 hubs:


(KBOS) - Logan Int'l Airport

(KMCO) - Orlando Int'l Airport

(KSFO) - San Francisco Int'l Airport

(KORD) - Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport

(EGLL) - London Heathrow Int'l Airport




Aside from all of this information, I'll be regularly updating this thread with any news regarding Skyway's VA progress :D.




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UPDATE - 4/3/17
The Visionair 737-700NGX has arrived! Check it out!




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Good Luck!




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Good Luck!

Thank you Denver :D



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I want in. Pumped for this really much.




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UPDATE 4/6/17


Visionair Virtual is now being operated as Skyway Virtual.


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UPDATE 4/7/17


I'm currently in the works of getting Skyway's Cargo/Freight division setup through Air Hauler 2. When finished, our members will be able to start flying for the VA! Albeit, through AH2, and not an official ACARS program. We plan on implementing cargo routing into our VA upon our official launch. However, if we are unable to make this happen by limitations, then we will keep this a feature of Air Hauler 2 only, and allow future pilots an opportunity to choose whether they would like to fly Pax routes through Skyway and Skyway International via ACARS system, or through Skyway Cargo via Air Hauler 2.


We'll keep you posted on newer details to come.


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UPDATE 4/8/17


Skyway Cargo has officially launched! Members who own Air Hauler 2 may begin flying cargo flights for Skyway.


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UPDATE 4/18/17
Skyway's 737-800 is currently in the paint shop! I've just finished making the final touches and will be getting it ready for flight very soon!


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UPDATE 4/21/17
Our first NGX and first Dash-8-Q400 aircraft are here!





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Nice livery!

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UPDATE 5/3/17

I am pleased to announce to all existing SWV and AE community members that Skyway Virtual, if without delays to the current schedule, will officially begin operations on June 28th, 2017!

At this time, progress is going very well. I am still working on painting aircraft for our fleet. However, I am open to help from the AE community with painting our remaining aircraft.

I am especially open to anyone who is exceptionally skillful at painting the following aircraft:

-Aerosoft Airbus A320
-PMDG 747-400 v3
-Captain Sim 767-300ER
-FeelThere ERJ-190 ( for Skyway Connect Livery).

Anyone who is capable of painting the Skyway / Skyway Connect Livery on any of the following aircraft is welcomed to PM me. I can provide all necessary files for this process.

I'll keep you guys posted with any new updates.

Owner, Founder, and CEO of Skyway Virtual Airlines.



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Just letting you know, I'll be an avid pilot on the A320.

excel - azure - uw





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UPDATE 5/5/17


Skyway Virtual is pleased to announce that our Boeing 757-200 is now being painted. This is to be followed by the 777-200LR and 737-700NGX


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UPDATE 6/1/17

The first update of June! Skyway is scheduled to go live in a month's time!

Currently our 757-200 is now ready for flight and will be made available through a mass release of our already painted fleet. We will also begin painting the Boeing 737-700 NGX this weekend.

I will also be acquiring the PMDG 747-400 V3 within the next week and will be added to the list of planes to be painted.

Current order of aircraft to be painted:

PMDG 737-700 NGX
PMDG 777-200LR
PMDG 777-300ER
Captain Sim 767-300ER
PMDG 747-400 (V3)
Aerosoft Airbus A320-200
Aerosoft Airbus A330-300 (upon release)
Aerosim Boeing 787-9 (to be replaced with QW 787-9 upon release)
Airbus A350-900 ( to be painted on freeware model)

That's it for now, I'll have more info in the next update!


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UPDATE 6/12/17


Some bad news. Due to my new work schedule, and a current inability to obtain necessary resources for the VA, Skyway VA has been canceled.

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