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Potato Force One

Potato Force One

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I just want to have a world that spans the whole industry, from the DC-3 and DH Dragon to the future. 20 mins/day.





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Hi Potato Force One, 


Thank you for your suggestion. 


Sadly, All AE World's only begin in or after 1945. 




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Aircraft data is sparse and unreliable



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Dear lord, imagine the slot camping. Good luck starting an airline after 1950.



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I really don't understand why this community doesn't want earlier starting worlds. We have the dc 2 sitting there with absolutely no use whatsoever, so why not give it a try? Plus, this "a century of flight" thing is really interesting. We even have plenty of options for the late years. Slots may be a problem, but I'm not sure all airlines would survive that easily though XD XD

If you really want to see the aviation industry from its infancy to the future, 100 years would be better. That's just my opinion.



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I'd be down for this.


And if you're going to use the "BUT AE CAN'T SIMULATE WORLD WAR II", I would argue AE doesn't simulate rapid economic growth or decline anyway. But the data collectors are really gonna have to dig deep (maybe even go to a library and research using actual books) to find data to expand the number of aircraft from that era. 






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I would love a World like that

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