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VC10 Needs a buff??


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As you can probably guess from my profile picture, I'm a huge VC10 fanboy. It's one of the coolest aircraft ever made IMO, and one of only two commercial airliners (The other being the DC-8) that has broken the sound barrier (albeit in a dive during a test flight).


In commercial service, the VC10, due to it's thirsty Conway engines and T-tail arrangement, was not as economical to operate as it's lumbering american rival, the 707. However, I believe that AE has vastly over-penalised the VC10 on it's profitability. The VC10 was slightly less economical than the 707, but 51,000 fuel flow?!? It means that you can barely turn a profit with a fleet of VC10's. I believe that the fuel flow should be reduced in order to portray a more accurate representation of the VC10 in commercial service. 


PS, on some routes that B.O.A.C operated, the VC10's were more economical than the 707's, due to passenger demand to fly the aircraft ;)


Attaching a photo of this magnificent aircraft


Fly safe.

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Find thrust specific fuel consumption for the Conways on the VC-10, that's where you'll find your answer. The fact that you believe it's been over penalized doesn't mean that it actually has been...

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Game balance is totally irrelevant in AE. All they care is quoting "reliable" sources, despite different sources interpret data differently.

Aircraft are buffed based of favoritism, if nobody like an aircraft it will eventually become obsolete as it can't compete with other aircraft that are buffed.



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I put in the numbers that it asks me to put in an the FF is calculated to the amount it is right now. You cannot manually change FF, people seem to forget this.

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