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Some sort of timeline on AE4

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Don't give me the "Everytime somebody asks about AE4, it gets pushed back by a century" routine, this is a serious question on the future of AE.


So, I'm not sure if anybody actually has any idea on the progress on, or even a rough TBD date for AE4, which is kind of concerning. Call it a simple request for some information. 

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May I remind you that you're usually the member who gives unproductive answers on these threads :scotsman:



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Great, another year added  :disgusted:

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Isn't AE still in perpetual beta like Gmail was once upon a time? :huh:

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I heard fall of 2015 as the date for the beta, from ether Brit or Yuxi.


2015? O_O 


I heard Summer last year about a year ago!


Then I heard by easter/Summer this year.


Now you've said 2015, I'm not even sure.


My memory of the timescale was sometime in 2014 for AE4.

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i remember joking about AE4 and rushing it to get it done before the world was supposed to end on December 21, 2012.




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AE4 has been coming soon for about 5 years now hasn't it?

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