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If you lead Boeing

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What would you do if you lead Boeing?


If i lead Boeing i would bring a new (NEO) Boeing 757 to the scene, Its been too long since the last one was produced and we can't give up on her :(




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Close 787 production line, offer 777s,

Bump up 777/737 production,

Close 748 line,

Re-open a 757 production line.



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Make a long range, high capacity B757 call it the B757-400LER



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If i did lead boeing, i would have looked into the possibility of reopening the B717 production line and pherhaps develop it another stage to make it more attractive to custommers. 


I would also have re-Opened the Boeing 757 Production lines, and ordered the start of a -400 series development which could make the type more attractive than what it aleready is, Most likely i would also have been focusing more on the B747 programme in order to make it better and more attractive for airlines which would consider the B777/B787 :P


But this is only some of the thoughts that i have... :P

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Close 787 production line, offer 777s,

Close 748 line,


Because everyone likes throwing billions of dollars of research and development away without even trying to make a profit (the 787 will, 748 will be close.)


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Develop a completely new jet series, with the base model at around 199 seats. A stretched model of 220-230 seats could replace 757.


Increase 788, 789 and 7810 production. Investigate offering 788LR as a long range jet capable of Sydney to London, Singapore to New York, etc.


Continue offering 763s as a cheaper alternative to 787s.


748 line maintained open.


Aim to completely replace 777 with new single decked very wide bodied aircraft by 2030.

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I'd shut down everything entirely 

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I would open the 717 line back up. ( I love that plane very much)


Kill Airbus by making a triple level jet liner


Make a more efficient 707


Make a new series of a plane called the Boeing 797 series. Which is basically a set of 50 to 100 seat planes with a range of 2,000nm.



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Bring back the 2707 SST.


Because everyone likes supersonic transporters, right?...right!?!?


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In order of priority:




Continue production of 737, 777, 787.

Continue production of 747, 767 at reduced rate.

Begin research into cleansheet for possible 757 replacement.

Begin research into cleansheet for possible 737 replacement.

Begin research into ultra-wide body (blended wing) cleansheet for possible 747/777 replacement.




Preserve production of C-17 Globemaster.

Resume work on C-130 AMP program.

Continue engineering dispersion and relocation as a risk-aversion method.




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If I lead Boeing then I will do the following:


  •  Start a new research into a more energy efficient aircraft which is made from composite materials and dub it as 797-FGE  (Future generation efficiency) and offering around  380 passengers and a long range. The aim is to use the same amount of fuel as a 737 but with extra passengers, it will be more efficient.  
  • Focus on making a 737 that is halve the cost of a A320 with better specs. More airlines will be interested in the price tag. The 737 will have around 180 passengers and a range of around 4500 miles (low cost transatlantic routes)  and make it 50% more fuel efficient than the current 737's.
  • Focus on a new 747 that has a passenger capacity of 880+ called the 747-EP with lengthen fuselage and new wings and a seating configuration of     4-4-4  instead of the 3-4-3.
  • Focus on the 787
  • Bring back the 717 with all new wings, new state of the art cockpit, new efficient engines and a brand new interior and a more modern look to compete with bombardier CRJ series.
  • Lastly, research for a new supersonic aircraft.




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  • Close 767-400 production line/offering
  • Close 777-200/ER/LR production line when outstanding orders are delivered
  • Bump up 787-8/9 production to counteract closure of 772
  • Slow down 747-8I production to minimal but keep it going
  • Work with carriers to design a new engine for 747-8I to make it more competitive
  • Close 737NG production when outstanding orders are delivered to focus on 737 MAX
  • Re-start 787-3 project as 787-7 to almost directly replace 757... use 757 cross-section... maybe 757-8
  • Re-start 717 project with new engines such as CFM LEAP or PW 1000-series
  • Develop smaller 717-100
  • Work on A380-like aircraft...possibly part of 747 series, 747-9I



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Bring back the 2707 SST.


Because everyone likes supersonic transporters, right?...right!?!?


This. just close everything and make pure 2707s XD


sounds like a plan to me.



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Develop 737Max X and 737 max mini
Id develop the 797 to replace the 767
For the 777 and 787 , Ill retain the line
Ill bring back the mcdonnel douglas planes including the MD12 with the line of 8-7
Ill also bring the 1007, with an a380 with another half deck so that it will be 1200 seats.




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I would make a full doulbe deck plane type, the 807-100 and a long range version 807-100ER

I would make a new supersonic jet for around 120-180 passangers: the 817-100SSA

I would sto production on 767 series

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