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Game Worlds
Sep 06 2017  How are all the game worlds different? What are realistic, open, and special worlds? Which one should I join? Read on to find out the features and pitfalls of AE's game worlds.

Managing Aircraft RSS Feed 0 guides

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Managing Routes RSS Feed 0 guides

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Gates, Hubs, and Terminals RSS Feed 1 guides

Jan 10 2013  When do I need to build a terminal, and what good does it do? Find out when you should (and shouldn't) build a terminal and how to do it.

Managing Your Airline RSS Feed 1 guides

Political Restrictions and Open Skies Agreements
Feb 25 2022  When opening a route, have you been blocked by a message about political restrictions and don't know why? This is the official list of open skies agreements and restrictions implemented in the game.

[attachment=9186:Screenshot 2014-01-12 18.14.42.png]

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Employee Training Costs
Jan 10 2013  Whenever you expand your operations (adding aircraft, adding aircraft families to your fleet, adding new routes, etc), or when employees leave the company due to normal attrition, your airline must hire more employees. This is done automatically by the game at the end of each day. Each new hire incurs a one-time training cost, which varies depending on the type of employee.