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Air New Zealand All Blacks Boeing 787-9


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Air New Zealand All Blacks Boeing 787-9

Despite the fact that ZK-NZC was the first 787-9 to roll off the production line at Everett, Washington, ZK-NZE was the first one to be delivered to Air New Zealand, which occurred on 8 July 2014. ZK-NZC wouldn't be delivered until May 2015 as it was used as a test airframe by Boeing. ZK-NZE is of course the All Blacks one, continuing an iconic theme that Air New Zealand does to all of its planes (except the A320neo for some reason, though this one may arrive later perhaps? I know there's an A321neo, though).

Of course, as you are probably aware, Air New Zealand was the launch customer of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. The first commercial service of Air New Zealand's 787-9 took place on 9 August 2014 from Auckland to Sydney as NZ0103. Fun fact: ANA (of Japan) operated the first commercial 787-9 service on 7 August 2014 (though from memory I think this may have been a charter flight).

I have covered the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 issues on the other 787 post, so if you wanna read up on that, then here is the link: http://www.airline-e...d-boeing-787-9/

ZK-NZE: 2013 Boeing 787-9 | Air New Zealand | Currently: Active with Air New Zealand