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    World S1: Multiple Terminals Exploit

    Posted 2 May 2020

    S1 is supposed to be 1 hub/terminal but there is an exploit to get around the terminal limit.


    1. Create Hub at Airport #1

    2. Build terminal

    3. Close hub at Airport #1


    4. Create Hub at Airport #2

    5. Build terminal

    6. Close hub at Airport #2


    ...and so on.




    UKJet with two terminals. Note that a wide variety of airlines fly to these airports, each taking up at least one gate.





    UKJet's recent history, and a screenshot of me legit renting 10 gates at both airports already. Given the wide variety of airlines flying there, and the limited number of total gates, this guy definitely has built those terminals.

    Cannot add routes

    Posted 6 Jan 2018

    I'm in S3A and I cannot add routes.



    I tried to add FWA-MSN the usual way with the "add flights" tab.

    Aircraft allocated, and clicked "add route" on the top right under the prices.

    The page reloads but there is no green text to say the frequencies have been added, and it turns out the aircraft I allocated have not been placed.