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    Exploit to Change Other Airline's Aircraft Configuration

    Posted 1 Feb 2021

    So (as Air France in R5) I was messing around with urls for changing individual aircraft configuration trying to shorten the process by just typing in some of my ids (to load fewer pages) and I found an exploit by accident. I accidentally entered someone else's aircraft number and was able to change their config. Now, I'm very sorry if you were affected by this (2 airplanes max) but I thought this should be brought to attention. I later checked this on a friend's airline in R5 and was able to change one of his A320s configs (we're partnered on this so he doesn't mind) from  3F 21C 147Y to 3F 3C 176Y and videotape the whole thing. For some reason I can't upload an mp4 file here but am happy to send directly to a staff member via email if relevant.


    Not sure if this should be posted here seeing as it is an exploit but I hope people will be responsible and not use it while the devs fix it.


    Some IDs you can try it on in R5 (Q400s that I own - I don't mind):

     41764  41893 42042 42177 42320  42442  42594  42729 42885 42993  43148  43299 43446


    I assume this is a sitewide issue but I've only tested in R5.