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    Livery Upload Issues

    Posted 22 Oct 2012

    This bug is hitting all worlds, as far as I can tell.

    Posted Image

    Uploading liveries seems to be a problem in all worlds. Best I can describe it, the image converter is broken and no longer converting improper image files to AE standards. Due to the improper image file, the game cancels the operation and shows the the error above. Anybody know why?

    Workaround: Open up a new image exactly 800x300 pixels, then paste your livery in. Export it to a new file in .jpg, ensuring that the file size is not above 2MB. Upload to AE.

    Aircraft Seized - Slots aren't Freed

    Posted 23 Nov 2011

    Not sure what is happening, but when I get an aircraft seized, the routes it used to fly act as if those slots are still in use. Anyone else?

    Alliance/Airline Values

    Posted 8 Oct 2011

    Still showing $0 in the alliance pages for (I think) any game on the 3.1 code. Talked to Yuxi, he said he was going to fix it, but nothing happened... (no bad feelings? Posted Image) Hopefully this will get it some attention.

    Error - SQL....

    Posted 2 Jul 2011

    It may not look like it, but I am loosing money from this flight (viewed from the Routes menu).
    Also, this never happenned until about 6PM on July 1st, PST.

    Posted Image

    Flight Failure

    Posted 13 Jun 2011

    Posted Image