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    Dep/Arr airports and Select by Route in Aircraft Routes

    Posted 20 Jun 2019



    I guess this can't really be dealt with too much with how the system is set up, but just wanted to flag this. 


    I set up the original route with Departure airport as YYC and Arrival airport as YYZ.


    I then added additional weekly flights, but with the reverse: dep as YYZ and arr as YYC. 


    When I go to select by route for YYC-YYZ, it only selects the original flight and not the reverse pairing, and the reverse pairing doesn't show up. 


    It's hard to explain but just see the screenshot. 


    [attachment=22818:Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 4.02.48 PM.png]


    Posted 13 Jun 2019

    Pretty much all of the C-Series data need to be revamped imo. (Fine, call it A220 but it always will be a C-Series to me.) 


    1) The CS100ER & CS300ER don't exist, the standard ranges were dropped and the ERs became the standard range planes


    2) Fine, call it an A220. 


    3) Would be nice to get a pic in for the CS300, I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find some on wiki or something that could be used


    4) I doubt the CS300XT exists either, it's not offered as a model on the A220 lineup. Could have been dropped completely. The type certificates don't make mention of XT versions either. 




    A220-100/CS100 type certificate data sheet: https://www.easa.eur...70 Issue 12.pdf



    Aircraft Delivery Dates before first

    Posted 14 Jun 2014

    Read for yourself. 


    Oh, and the data for the 767-200ER is incorrect, it entered service in May 1984.