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Livery & logo request

13 March 2021 - 02:25 AM

Would anyone like to make a livery & logo for my airline, Cuban Sunrise. As the name suggests, the airline is based in Havana, Cuba, and although currently banned from flying to the U.S., will fly everywhere else! The "Sunrise" reflects the new dawning of commercial aviation for the country using modern but non-American aircraft, Currently starting with A310-300's but will move up to A330-300's as funds allow. Gameworld is yr 2000 - 2030, so I'm looking for something patriotic but also bright, modern, 21st century-ish.


Have fun, good luck, and thank you! PM me with your suggestions.

World Resets Please

04 July 2020 - 07:40 AM

Can someone please check on Yuxi, let him know some folk are waiting for world resets. Some are now more than 2 years past their end date.I know this happens from time to time, just trying to give him a gentle nudge.

Livery Requests please

11 June 2020 - 02:23 PM

Hi, I've foolishly started a new airline called Cocos, representing the Cocos Keeling Islands (google it). I'd love to see some ideas for a logo / livery.


It needs to be modern and contemporary, I prefer blue (representing both the sky & the ocean) and white. It would be good to have a slight "island" theme but not too much as this is an unrestricted game world and it will be operation all over the world.


As the Islands are Australian territory, an Australian flag discreetly either forward or aft fuselage would also be good (google Qantas planes to get an idea of how they do it). Otherwise I'm open to suggestions.


Let me know if you're interested.