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Issues I've Posted

    USA-Cuba Flight in R3

    Posted 16 Sep 2012

    Not a major issue I don't think, but somehow there appears to be a flight between Miami & Cayo Largo Del Sur in Cuba in R3, which shouldn't be allowed since direct flights between the 2 countries are banned. I was creating a flight to CYO from YUL & when checking on the stats for CYO, I noticed that it had direct service to MIA. Shouldn't be possible, should it?

    Here's a link that shows what I'm talking about: http://ae31.airline-...fo.php?city=CYO

    Demand mismatch

    Posted 7 Feb 2011

    I've started an airline in YVR & I've noticed a demand mismatch when viewing demands from two different places. When researching routes to set them up, the demand numbers are far lower than I expected them to be, so I begrudgedly created routes with low frequencies. When I looked at overall statistics of YVR on the airport details page, the demand numbers were much higher (where I expected them to be). Does that mean that I can operate more flights on those routes?

    Examples of demand (only looking at Economy class):

    Route Management - 80 daily pax
    YVR Airport Details Page - 465 daily pax

    Route Management - 24 daily pax
    YVR Airport Details Page - 143 daily pax

    Route Management - 51 daily pax
    YVR Airport Details Page - 300 daily pax

    I hope this makes sense. By the way, the new 3.1 looks really good so far.