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Chad C. Chaddington X

Chad C. Chaddington X

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Legacy Carrier Takeover - Suid Afrikaanse Lugdiens

24 September 2018 - 05:52 PM


- Rank 41 in R7

- Only Airline in South Africa

- 46M DOP

- $3.1 Billion Positive Cash Balance

- Needs new owner

ChadAir Logo Request

19 August 2018 - 12:58 AM




Hello! I am Chad C. Chaddington X, the Chief Executive Officer of ChadAir, the ultimate low-cost Airline. In order to further promote our image as a not-a-ripoff, always-a-winner airline in the coming years ahead, we are hosting a completely voluntary competition for the best "meme" livery for our airline. The prize will include a Made-In-China ChadAir model 737 of their winning logo and 125,000 air miles with ChadAir and our partner airlines [in spite of the fact that this is a completely fake prize but whatever]. The following perimeters are set:


  • Boeing 737-300/800
  • Era Range between 1996-2017
  • Fresh and meme-worthy, with preference for edgy memes
  • Humiliates RyanAir, easyjet, and other s***-tier sub-human airlines and "legacy carriers"
  • Includes OneWorld logo and Ireland registration
  • Immediately catches the attention of plane-spotters and other people, enough to distract Air Traffic Control
  • Uses the least amount of colour possible, to keep true to our low-cost nature

In addition, here are some references for the livery:


ChadAir Full logo

ChadAir Hybrid Logo 

ChadAir Plain Logo, Good for the Tail!  \


I bid good luck and godspeed to the participants in this not-useless competition. If there are anymore questions about the competition or the Airline in general, it is my pleasure to answer them. My heart warms for all of you!