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    R6 - Game got paused

    Posted 27 Apr 2012

    Not too sure on what's going on, but the game abruptly paused...maintenance issue maybe??? :S


    going negative on the cash flow every 14 to 15 days

    Posted 10 Apr 2012

    Been going negative on the cash flow every 14 to 15 days of every month...

    It's kinda hard leasing planes, paying employees wages let alone trying to give them a raise without going in the "crappers" halfway through the month.

    I only operate 3 763ER's, 1 B712 and a mixed fleet of B73G/738/739/739ER's not to mention I STILL have a single B736 on the order sheet that hasn't been delivered yet.

    I've gone bankrupt and restarted over 15 times cause of this and i'm getting a bit frustrated trying to keep a single profit every month without going deep into the red.

    I think this is a situation that needs to be looked at and solved, cause no one wants to run a profitable airline and then catch a badrap and going bk because their profits are siphoned out every 15 days!!!

    Mahalo Nui Loa!!!