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Oh Fair Ye Well - Goodbye

02 February 2014 - 09:20 PM



well it seems I am leaving AE.  But I didn’t really want to go unnoticed and without saying goodbye.  I made the announcement last week to people in the alliance and just nice people (if I didn’t tell you, don’t take offence... but be concerned…)  in general  but I needed to sort out alliance business and who takes control of airlines etc.  I just don’t really have the time anymore and I need to commit to other things.  More music tours are coming up (including a trip to Sweden in May) and I’m trying to make county squads in hurling and minor club squads in football (Irish manly football. Not the soft-boy soccer...  ^_^ ) so extra core training is called for along with more Strength and Conditioning. However,  I would just like to say a few things before I go.


Firstly, I want to applaud Yuxi and the other developers for making such a great time.  I loved it here from the start.  Many is the time I found myself idly thinking what kind of an airline I would start next.  The simplicity and scope for variety is just brilliant. AE4 should be revolutionary D: Seriously though, I will come back if I can to have a look at AE4.  Good luck to the devs too


Secondly, to those who continuously attacked and abused me during my time here.  My advice to you all is grow the hell up.  Some of your attacks nearly made me cry laughing.  Bob said I belong to a strange cult of people because I play sport :huh: What the hell? XD !  Ar told me to grow up when I had a back injury.  First, it was a result of growth. Second, I couldn’t stand for nearly week because of the severity of the tear (as it turned out to be).  One of the saddest things though was the fact that people judged me based on the airlines I ran.  I enjoyed running huge airlines and still do but because it’s me, anything I did was not enough for the spas.  Steve was the worst for it.  To him I wasn’t even human.  Oh no.  He constantly attacked me because of my nationality too, as with others.  It just seemed that if someone ran an “undesirable” airline, you had to attack them.  Nationality, race, age, religion, anything that you could find had to be exploited.  People presume that because I’m from Ireland I’m a “filthy Catholic” (-Steve).  You’d swear Catholicism wasn’t in America… or that it wasn’t the largest Christian denomination in the world... And it’s so sad :/ I never did anything to them yet they and others kept abusing me.  You have all played a huge destroying the positive community spirit and it’s one of the reasons I am leaving.  I would love to off and attack you now but that would then reflect badly on me so I’ll just say this: it’s just good to know there are people morally lower than me in the world -_- Though it’s sad to meet people so morally low that they’ll go out of their way to try put others down. That’s just sad.  What wasters.  They tried so hard to put me down, and even then it didn’t work.  Grow up all of you.  Don’t be a sadgasm and bring everyone down.  You’re the one that’s really sinking.


Now, I would just like to bring up the common issue of forum conflict.  Yes some people are annoying but just ignore them. If you are annoying…. stop.  The personal arguments are wrecking the place.  Why is it so hard to get along? Then I suppose some people on AE just abuse you anyway no matter what you do just like they did to me.  Just stop annoying others and then picking fights.  I understand that it’s not easy to just “forget” but if someone says something, just say something constructive toward them instead of expanding your ego.  This would go a long way toward solving the problems that exist at the moment.


Lastly, I’d just like to thank those who made my time more enjoyable. Firstly to Hake and Randal.  Being Irish I’d have to thank you first  :P Then I’d have to thank Zipp (and Hake and Randal) for helping me set up the alliance.  Then just a general “Thanks” to TJibbey, Will101, Boing, ThatComputerIdiot Will (and a certain family member… ), Northern, TWA/Global Airlines (good luck in Trinity) and Kate, of course, and anyone I may have forgotten that just made time on here a bit more enjoyable.  And I need to thank Lost for all the laughs and Fox too though more for the PRs. It just made time active in the community more fun.


So thanks for everything and I wish everyone on AE and the site itself every success in the future (yes, even those who tried to bully because you knew not what you were doing).


Farewell and good wishes :wavecry:


Slán Go Fóill,




Edit: Fare in the title, not Fair.

GAA 2014 - Predictions [Irish people.... HERE]

18 January 2014 - 09:40 PM

Vote Away.  It'll be an extremely tight championship this year.  Everyone is out to get Davy's Army in the hurling and Dublin seem to be the unbeatables in the football.  I'm at a loss to predict the national leagues but it'll be close.  Also, who will win all stars this year? :P (Tony Kelly, Tony Kelly Tony Ke.....)

Breakdown of Route Reputation

09 January 2014 - 02:44 PM

I've looked around but I can't find the answer but my question is: what factors make up what % of the route reputation? Sound if you can help me on this :P

Christmas 2013 - AE Christmas song thread

20 December 2013 - 10:17 PM

Just a thread where you can post your favourite Christmas songs.  Since most people are now on school holidays or work holidays even, the festive season can really kick off.  Here's my personal favourite: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=j9jbdgZidu8


06 December 2013 - 07:31 AM

I can't get into chat. This is all I'm getting: