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[DENIED] J.C - Excelsior

05 May 2021 - 05:11 AM

Airline Name (if you wish to bring in more than one, list all of the names):

Scandinavia is the flag carrier of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. It is based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in the 1930's to serve Scandinavian countries, starting with rural/domestic services, and eventually evolved into serving international destinations as well. It has a mainly Airbus fleet, along with Bombardier and Boeing. It is well known for our nearly flawless safety record, as well as class-leading economy services.

Do you hold any alliance experience?:

List previous alliances, if applicable:
Alfa, UnitedWings

How much Airline Empires experience do you have?:
Joined in 2017 but active since 2020.

What has moved you to become a Polaris member?:
I'm trying to branch out to new people and new groups. Polaris has always been an alliance I looked up too and it seemed like the next logical step.

What can you bring to the alliance as a member?:
I can bring in new POV, experiences, etc.

Are you capable of remaining active, whether it's on our Discord or on this site?:

Can you successfully maintain a realistic airline in-game?:
Yes, although I do need some coaching