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In Topic: Real-World Passenger Demand Coming to AE

22 April 2021 - 03:55 AM

 Also can we request demand fixes for certain routes? There is some domestic routes that should be fixed. Like PPG-APW, and other samoan domestic routes.


We're working on a process for people to request fixes but need to flesh out some guidelines first. Stay tuned :)

In Topic: Real-World Passenger Demand Coming to AE

15 April 2021 - 05:02 AM

Is demand now affected by seat availability? i.e. If a route is too saturaded, demand will fall.

Also, this is a no political restriction server... I just realized



A get that real worl demand is much more dynamic, but i still find it hard to believe one of the densest (if not THE densest) route in Brazil would have a dip in demand from 1333 to 447 just overnight, while all other routes remained the same. This route links Brasilia and SAO PAULO, Brazil's largest city. It was the only route that had this happening. Heck even smaller cities further inland showed similar or greater demand than this one after the "bug"

This only happened with this particular route, all the others remained steady.



Noticeably there are some routes that have fallen in passenger demand and have made a huge dip in demand. 

Some routes like NRT-HNL have only 300 demand while ANA literally operates an A380 along with other airlines departing multiple times a day with widebody aircraft...



Same thing with HAN-SGN and HAN-DAD in Vietnam. A roughly 70-80% drop in DOPs thanks to pax demand falling off a cliff. I had to declare bankruptcy there because of it.



yep exactly. same thing with HNL-LAX which from 2800 demand it dipped down to 400 now the thing is. Is this seasonal or is this some glitch?


There was a bug that caused some routes to revert to auto-generated demand in certain scenarios. This is now fixed along with the data in S4C for routes that dropped in demand overnight :)