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IFS Route Range Adjustment

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This is more for the realistic players, but I think the the IFS range categories need to be adjusted. In particular the 2501-5000 mile one because this includes a lot of routes where I think people would want different types of service. Meals on some, snacks on some. Also a lot of transcon flights tend to be in this category combined with longer haul flights where you want different services. 


I think maybe the ranges should be changed to"





3501-5000 or 6000

5001 or 6001+


Most routes more than 5000 miles are gonna have long haul meal service or it can be 6000 instead. I know you can just manually do it every time you start a route, but this can be time consuming when updating the IFS. 


Another option is to attach the IFS to particular aircraft but that wouldn't necessarily work for domestic wide body flights. The other problem is sometimes for cities in the same range, I want different services just based on the city but that's generally fine to do manually. Maybe there should be an option to lock the inflight service on certain routes so it doesn't change when you do a general update.



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I agree. I always have a hard time with the 2501-5000 mile option, because it covers both transcontinental and longer-range intercontinental flights.




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I like this idea a lot. Although I always put the same IFS on all my routes, this would still make it easier to setup stuff.



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