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Why cant I start HNL-DXB

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I am looking to start HNL - DXB with my airline. I have two new aircraft that are easily capable of serving that route, but they dont show up in the add flights tab. Any ideas why this might happen?



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Firstly, unless you're in one of the two "Open" worlds (O1, O2), you'd have to be either an American or UAE based airline.


Secondly, check runway requirements. Both runways should be long enough for anything but I suspect HNL is shorter than DXB. If you're trying to use say a B777-300, it does require a pretty long runway.


Sometimes aircraft just don't show up when adding them to a route. I've particularly found this with after buying used aircraft. It's a bit of a glitch in the game. Doesn't happen often but it can happen. To overcome it, get out of the route screen & go to the aircraft inventory. Select the aircraft, click around a few things on the screen, & then see if it shows up when you try it again. It's rare, but it can happen.


Also just make sure that the intended aircraft does indeed have the range for the route. I would guess HNL-DXB (via mainland USA presummably) is a very long route. Any aircraft that doesn't have that range wont show up.


If it still doesn't work, send me a personal message & maybe I can hop into your airline to take a look under the hood.



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Check runway length at both airports, as mentioned. 


One way to make the game reset the aircraft in your inventory is to apply a seating configuration to used aircraft you buy. I always do this immediately after buying used aircraft. 



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if the plane you are trying to use already operates any route for you it has to be in HNL or DXB already. Say you are an american airline and use the plane to fly LAX to ATL it will not show up as available to fly HNL to DXB as it can't teleport to one of those cities unless you fly it to HNL or DXB from a city it already operates in like by adding HNL to LAX, then it will appear so long as you have sufficient hours remaining to operate HNL to DXB

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