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Issue with my airline's human resources?

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Hello, I'm paying my cabin crew $4 per hour more than the industry average, but their morale is extremely low and their attrition rate is extremely high. Might anybody know why? I've tried issuing a bonus and raising their pay, but nothing is working.


Edit: The problem just came down to waiting for a new day for stats to refresh. Sorry to bother you!



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I’d slash their pay even more.......



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This was fixed already but I'm going to answer it anyways.

Industry average is usually quite low compared to what is needed for good morale. After all, paying your workers (a thing that boosts reputation) is not something on most AE player's minds.

iirc the "starting" pay for cabin crew is something like $30 an hour. If you're focusing on reputation, try and keep around that number. If you aren't then don't bother. Attrition and morale don't do much of anything to profits, so $7 it is for them for most people focusing on profit.

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