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Lahui ATR 72


Connor McMullin 2021

Lahui ATR 72

Mokupuni started the Lahui brand to supplement the island hopping routes flown by the 717s in the late 2010s using the ATR-72-600. These aircraft were specially modified to have a larger forward cargo bay and were subsequently able to serve as a vital piece in cargo logistics for the Hawaiian islands, reducing strains on ships and other cargo aircraft and affording goods to be shipped more cheaply. The livery the aircraft wear is an assortment of tribal patterns and symbols painted in the airline colors

The aircraft featured: ATR 72-600 Registered N4189M was delivered on July 12 2018
MSN: 1120
Config: 54Y
Powerplant: X2 Pratt & Whitney PWC PW-127M

    Very nice!

    Amazing, I have nothing more to say about it

    Great job! Not sure on the black mask though.

    Beautiful :D

    This is very nice.





    Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

    Oooooh pretty