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Sakura Air Services, ATR 72-600


Med, myself, side antenna by BlondeBird

Sakura Air Services, ATR 72-600

Sakura Air Service - さくら航空 is a small carrier based at Kobe Airport, in Honshū, Japan.

It operates short flights following a low-cost model of simplified fleet (of only ATR aircraft), simplified network, simplified onboard service (with buy on board food and beverages, and inflight internet access).

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My entry for Boeing 707 and n.x.w.m's 2020 East Asia Design Challenge

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    This is amazing! :wub:

    very good

    very very nice execution :)


    I pushed myself a bit too hard not to read as "Shakira"  :P

    Aesthetically pleasing and well balanced, but this looks so much like a bottle of feminine wash.


    I'd like to see more detail on the flight attendant's uniform though! :D

    Awesome! :D

    I’ve no words. Just amazing