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A320-100 Capacity

Posted by Hake. on 21 July 2014 - 04:09 PM

I noticed recently the max. capacity for the A320-200 was increased to 189. So, since these were fundamentally the same aircraft except for fuel tanks and wingtips, does this not mean it should also be 189?

No, as the 189 seats have been a recent development to make the A320 more efficient for ULCC. The A320-100 is neither is production nor in service, so it remains at 180 seats. Tbh, i don't like this new feature. Considering that the A320 was offered with 180 seats for 25 years and that 180 seats on the A320 are already tighter than 189 seats on the 737-800 or the 172 seats on the MD-90, it distorts the market and adds an unrealistic bit for quite a long time. It would be better to have some sort of extra model with similar performance but arriving only in 2014 (or whenever the first 189 seats certified A320 is delivered). Call it A320-200IPC or something (Increased Passenger Count).

Mxax was correct, the A320-100 has not been certified for 189Y pax ops therefore we will not be increasing the seat count.

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