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Aircraft To be Delivered in 4 Years

Posted by Angus on 06 December 2011 - 07:34 PM

My airline in R3 Swiss International Air Lines placed an order to lease 3 DC-9-50's on the game date april 18, 1980. I selected the normal 4 weeks before first delivery and once i confirmed the order and went to check pending deliveries it showed the aircraft as starting delivery in 1984.

Your pre-ordered MD-83 clogged up your delivery queue for all DC-9s since they're in the same family. I've moved your DC-9-50 orders to May 1980 (but I'm only doing it this once) :P

Oh that makes sense :yes: thanks for the help! Now I know what to look out for

Yeah it's an unfortunate design flaw when we introduced pre-orders...we'll try to fix it or at least add a warning when pre-ordering :P

changed status to: Not a Bug

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