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Airline Route Prices O1

Posted by OfficialMcGeek on 06 October 2012 - 09:05 PM

On my routes when competition comes and lowers their prices I have to lower mine by hundreds just to get 100% fill load. I dont have more seats than the demand, so I am not sure why this is doing this because it wasn't before. I predict you will lose lots of users if you don't address this immediately due to the fact that no one adventualy will be able to run an airline if they are all putting each other out of business at a rate of 1 week or less....

this is also taken into account by ifs, ife and route reputation its definitely not a bug

I talked to Yuxi, he said it is a bug.

I do occasionally see this behaviour. On an odd route here or there I can offer better IFE, better IFS, better leg room, more frequency, similar overall reputation and yet I have to fly at prices far below my rivals.

I cannot repeat this issue consistently, but believe it exists.

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