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Demand dropping to unreasonably low levels in Real-World Demand Update

Posted by Aviation320 on 11 April 2021 - 10:30 PM

In recent days I've been noticing trends in routes all across the AE server with the new real-world demand. Which had realistic demands. Out of no-where the demand drops to a very low level where some routes you can't even send out aircraft.


OOL-SYD (3000+ dropped to 175)

PER-CGK (2000+ dropped to 300)
HNL-NRT (Had around 2000 dropped to 370)
APW-AKL (200-300 dropped to 16)
HNL-LAX (2800+ dropped to 400)
ANC-SEA (3000+ dropped to 172)

(Note: This is what I can remember but I'm sure many people who are in the same world have experienced the frustration in the sudden drop in demand and are frustrated about this problem. I am 100% this can't be done on purpose otherwise I think it would be very unrealistic. Because I usually see flights irl (and this is during COVID) run wide-bodies and such multiple times a day on these routes. 

Here's an image of one person from my discord server having a similar issue:   unknown.png

Another before and after of the routes

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