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You can use this form to contact the administrator for registration issues, to report cheating, or for other questions not addressable through the public forums.

This is NOT for:
- bug reports (post them in the bug tracker)
- feature requests, including airports or aircraft (post them in the suggestions forum)
- reporting abusive content (use the report button instead for a much quicker response from staff)

For "how to get started" questions, posting in the new players forum will give you a much faster response from other members.

Please use this form for contacting the administrators on the site.

Do NOT use this form for complaining about objectional content in posts, that's what the report button is for. If you already are a registered member on the board, then don't forget to inform us of what your username on the board is. If you are having login problems, then please state what email account you registered with as well.

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