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Sitewide Rules
Applies to all forum posts, chat messages, and comments in the gallery and press releases section.
  • Personally directed attacks, insults, name-calling, or otherwise provocative posts are not allowed. Disagreements over ideas are sometimes unavoidable, but don't take it to a personal level. Use the personal conversations system, not the public forums, to resolve personal disputes.
  • No spam. This includes, but is not limited to, posting the same message repeatedly in a short period of time.
  • No profanity may be posted (including in the chat and game, e.g. airline names). This includes circumventing the swear filter in the forums and chat.
  • No sexual content may be posted (including images, videos, or graphic textual descriptions).
  • Do not post another member's personally identifiable information without their permission. This includes, but is not limited to, real-life name, photos (edited or otherwise), email addresses, social media profiles, IP addresses, physical address, phone number, similar information about family members, etc. This rule applies even if the same information has previously been posted.
  • We operate with a set of rules and staff members charged with enforcing them, not under mob rule. Regardless of whether or not someone in chat is breaking rules, trying to bully him/her out of the chat will count as harassment and/or provocation. Staff members will not entertain kick/ban requests based on personal grudges or dislikes.

These rules cannot account for every situation that may occur. Offensive posts that do not explicitly fall under one of the above categories will still be penalized at the discretion of moderators.
If you feel that a moderation action against you is unfair, you may request a review by contacting the administrator.

Game Rules
  • Each physical player is allowed to have no more than one account on the forums. Duplicate accounts owned by the same person can and will be deleted without warning.
  • Multiple airlines owned by the same player in a world cannot be used to give an unfair advantage to each other (selling aircraft to each other to get around delivery slot limits, flooding routes together to gain market share, etc).

Each alliance requesting a subforum under the Alliances forum must designate one and only one official contact person responsible for that alliance. This member (and only this member) can optionally request moderation privileges within the alliance subforum.

Press Releases

In the Press Releases section of the site, you may maintain blogs to announce news from your AE airlines, with the following constraints:
  • The posts must primarily focus on the airline itself.
  • The posts cannot be dedicated to reviewing other airlines.

Airline Inactivity Policy
  • Inactivity is defined as the duration of real-life time since an airline has been logged into, i.e. when the "enter world" button is clicked.
  • Airlines with no active routes are subject to deletion (with no warning) after 2 days of inactivity.
  • All other airlines will receive an inactivity warning via the forum Personal Messenger after 21 days of inactivity. After this message is sent, there is a 3 day grace period, after which the airline is subject to deletion.

Any player who finds an exploit in the game (e.g. the ability to hack in values outside the normal game interface) is obligated to report it, either by contacting an administrator or posting in the bug tracker. Anyone who uses this kind of exploit (publicly posted or not) to gain an unfair advantage or circumvent restrictions will be treated as a cheater and penalized accordingly. Penalties include deletion of the offending airline, suspension of the player account, and so on.

Last updated: January 17, 2015