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Callsign: Explorer
The flag carrier of Portugal, Air Portugal, has a fleet of mostly Airbus aircraft. A359s and A339s for long haul and A321NEO aircraft for medium-European flights. A mix of ATR and a soon to be retired 4 strong fleet of 737-700s used on short-haul flights. Mostly to the Azores, for local flights to other airports in Portugal and to neighbouring countries. You'll never see these types at airports located above Toulouse. With the introduction of their new livery coinciding with the introduction of the A339 (of which they''re the launch customer) in the beginning of 2019, they revealed a new business class product called "Casa", which means home in Portuguese. The reason behind the naming is that you feel at home in the air and in Portugal. The revised cabin has white and the carrier colours as main colours, and finishings with red. White so that the cabin feels spacious and roomy, while also accentuating the natural light coming in.
The livery and logo incorporates the so called "Azulejos", the ceramic tiles found on almost every traditional house in the main cities and uses different shadings of blue. The main objective while creating this airline was to not incorporate red nor green into the brand. Our callsign is based on the great world explorers born in Portugal like Vasco Da Gama. 
Alliance History Past/Current:
None, never ventured into the alliance waters. I knew DWA was the best alliance around, so I tried to refine my branding skills so that I could immediately approach DWA as my first alliance. I only strive for the best. 
Why do you want to join Dynasty World Alliance?
Its the best and well known alliance on AE and it will give Air Portugal a huge boost. Since Air Portugal has an extensive South-American network from Lisbon, European/South-American carriers already in DWA will greatly benefit having Air Portugal as a partner. Seeing the airlines in DWA always please my eyes. I can learn a great deal from seeing the evolution of those airlines.
How much experience in the AE community do you currently have?
I joined AE in 2015 and I've become a well known member in the community. Been making liveries since medio-2017, and that introduced me into the actual AE community. I played the game before I started making brands.
Which additional member airlines do you intend to bring into the alliance?
Italaria, flag carrier of (what else...) Italy, and maybe a reworked Aerienne. 
Are you able to run airlines in-game on a regular basis?
I dont really play the game since I'm more of a creative guy. I love to create brands/liveries, and thats what I want to invest my time into.
Are you capable of participating in a discord server?
Yes, I've got Discord.
DWA's admission system works on a member-vote basis. Are you capable of regularly submitting vote imput to satisfy member applications?
Yes, absolutely!
I have attached some examples of the airline's livery and branding.