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MD-11 Range Incorrect

Posted by mischkaffee on 02 April 2011 - 06:04 AM

The MD-11 is listed with a max range of 6,830 which is in nm not mi as it should be: http://en.wikipedia....#Specifications

As well the MD-11ER was introduced in February 1994.


MD-11 Range: 7871 mi
MD-11 ER Range: 8332 mi


As I'm pretty sure I've posted time and time again on the forums:

I am aware of these issues, and I had planned a review of all aircraft before these kind of posts started being repeated.
However, I can not fix them until the beta upgrades are completed and the tools used to add and update aircraft are restored. I haven't forgotten the numerous errors that have been inherited into AE data and I have always planned to resolve them when I am able to.
Bear with us, and these things will be dealt with.


Moving to: Aircraft Data

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