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Comac C919 range (and possible ER-version)

Posted by Zach21GF on 16 October 2023 - 11:52 AM

Hey there,


I noticed the range of the C919 seems to be on the short end, though I must admit I am not sure how aspects such as range is calculated.

I have taken a look at the Comac documents and here it seems there is basis to extend the range and potentially also alter the runway requirements.


In-game the C919 has a range of 1,898 miles, however from the documentation in section 03-02 (pdf page 117 or attached image (I ) the range is listed as between 1420 nautical miles with full payload to 3347 nautical miles at full fuel. The range at standard payload is set at 2235 nautical miles or about 2571 miles.


Interestingly an ER-version is also present in the documentation (same page), this has a range between 2118 nautical miles to 3227 nautical miles from full payload to full fuel and a range of 3011 nautical miles (3465 miles) at standard payload.


The following pages (up to and including pdf page 129) refers to take-off and landing distances. I do not know how AE calculates the Average Min. Runway Length, so I will refrain from going into this for now, though if you let me know how it is done I am happy to dive into it.


Edit 16-10 11:54z : Image actually attached now.

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