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Incorrect hours available

Posted by pw1234 on 01 August 2023 - 12:52 AM

I have run into several issues where flight schedules that would remain below 140 hours are not allowed. For example: 


Say I have a 777-200 (2 General Electric GE90-77B) with 6 round trip flights to LAX-NRT each taking 21:53 for a total of 131:18. This should leave me with about 8.5 hours for another flight. But the plane is listed as having only 8 hours available, so when I try to fly LAX-MSP, which takes 8:06, the plane does not show up. 

Similarly, with a 747 flying MCO-JFK is 7:00 round trip, but it won't allow you to schedule 20 flights

In your calculations, you're failing to take into account the turn time.
May I suggest ordering more aircraft

Those calculations were factoring in turn time. 

No it wasn't, that is why the you're unable to schedule additional flights. Perhaps if you ordered more aircraft instead of arguing on issue tracker, you'd find a solution.

I'm sorry, I am not trying to be argumentative, but I was, in fact, taking into account the turn time. For example:


To fly from MCO to JFK using a 747-400 requires the following: 

3:20 R/T flight time (200 minutes)

1:50 one-way turn time * 2 (110 minutes * 2 = 220 minutes)


For a total of 420 minutes or 7:00 hours. 




I have a 747-400 with 7 hours available, but when I try to add the flight, I get the error message that "Need 7 hours, has 7 hours." 




Perhaps there is something else going on that I am missing, but I would hope you could recognize that, at a minimum, this behavior could be confusing. 


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