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Update pax data for Paramaribo Intl Airport (PBNM/SMJP) - Suriname

Posted by 767holic on 13 June 2022 - 11:32 AM

Using the data from 2019, the annual passengers is should be somewhere around 520.000 passengers per years. Considering AE does not simulating aviation crisis (such as 2020-present COVID-19, 2003 SARS and 2001 9/11), it should be safe to use the 2019 figures at least until demands fully recovers again post covid.


Here's the source for reference : https://www.japi-air...ets_02-2021.pdf


In addition, there is also a real world route from Paramaribo to Miami, Port of Spain, Panama City, Amsterdam, and some more. Those routes in AE, save for Paramaribo - Amsterdam has a very low demands in game while usually a real-world routes have bigger demand (as i observed during gameplay) than non-real routes.


Please kindly check and fix it, since it is pretty hard to start an airline in Suriname with such abysmal demands in AE except for flight to Amsterdam.

Thank you..

AE was updated to use the 2019 statistics for airport demand so either the demand is actually low or the statistics weren't updated for this airport. As for the annual passengers, that is based on the in game airlines flying to the airport.

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