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Boeing 737NG Order Start Date

Posted by 737-800 on 22 April 2022 - 03:00 AM



I couldn't help but notice that in world Ra the 737NG is not available for pre-order yet even though the in game date is September 2nd 1995. From my research it appears the aircraft was actually available for pre-order sometime around the 1993 timeframe. As a large 737 operator it would be great to be able to start ordering sooner and getting slots for new airplanes! 



Delivery slots are not affected by when you order as theese are asigned according to when production starts.
this means you must wait for your order of for example -700`s to deliver before the -800`s or vica versa. 


AE Is also modelled so that your delivery of other aircrafts are independant, so for example if you have an order for the 737 Classic, this will be independant of the 737NG Wich means you can get delivery of both at the same time. 

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