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SLC - DAL cant?

Posted by zamzahid on 24 February 2022 - 10:59 PM

I want to make routes in SLC - DAL and SAN - DAL , Salt Lake City - Dallas Love Field, San Diego International - Dallas Love Field. but how my DC - 6 doesn't appear in the list of aircraft?

They have big track DAL = 8.800 ft, SAN = 9.401 ft, SLC = 12.001 ft and my DC - 6 is fit in for 5.400 ft track, but only my bristol MK31 that is appear on the lists which only need 4000 ft track.

I play on R0 realistic world,

You cannot operate aircrafts out of DAL (Dallas Love Field) outside of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahome and Arkansas with aircrafts that have a max capacity of more than 56 Seats. This means that your MK31 wich have a max capacity of 32 seats falls within the limits. The DC-6 However have a max capacity of 86 Pax and therfore is outside the allowed passenger capacity for the flight your attempting to start.
This is due to the Wright agreement wich is implemented as a political restriction in the game. 


You can read more about political restrictions here:

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