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Airline Finance: Charged twice for planes in same family from manufacturers with different names (DC-9/MD-80; DC-10/MD-11)

Posted by jrtdad on 20 October 2021 - 08:44 PM

I purchased a number of DC-9 planes (family DC-9), and in Airline Finance > Aircraft Maintenance, under "Douglas" I am charged "Douglas DC-9 (Base Cost) $2,216,649" per month. I later purchased a number of MD-87 planes (also family DC-9, but these are cited as "McDonnell Douglas") and I noticed that I am charged another $2,216,649 per month, also labeled "Douglas DC-9 (Base Cost)" but this time it's under "McDonnell Douglas."


The same issue occurred with DC-10 and MD-11: I had several DC-10 planes and was charged a monthly DC-10 Base Cost under "Douglas," but then when I added some MD-11s (also in the DC-10 family), I was charged a duplicate monthly DC-10 Base Cost under "McDonnell Douglas."


I understand why this is happening, but it seems that the monthly Base Cost should only be charged once, since they are planes in the same family.


Thank you.

Change the family name to make it more clear

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