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Problem calculating terminal cost

Posted by FrancescoR on 16 February 2021 - 12:17 PM


I am playing on the world Rα.

At the moment I own 6 gates at FCO airport, so I'd like to build a terminal. But on the "Build or Extend a Terminal" page, the item "Gate construction fees" doesn't seem correct to me: as in the attached screen, it says

Gate construction fees (0 * $3,482,606): $20,895,635

If I do not have to pay anything because I already own the gates, the result of the operation should be zero, in fact 0*3,482,606=0 (so the result 20,895,635 is wrong).

If instead I still have to pay for the gates I own, the first factor should be 6 and not zero (in fact 6*3,482,606=20,895,635).

Since this behaviour seems to me to be wrong, I hope that it will be corrected or that the operation will be better explained, because at the moment it is confusing.

Waiting for a polite answer,


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