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A340-600 vs. B777-300ER maximum seating capacity.

Posted by Exodus on 23 April 2012 - 09:26 AM

Currently on R4, the maximum seat capacities are :
Airbus A340-600 : 475 pax
Boeing 777-300ER : 660 pax

These numbers seem to be incorrect when you compare them to each other, as the A346 and 773ER are very similar aircraft in terms of capacity. The Boeing website lists the typical seating arrangement of the 773ER at 365. On R4, the maximum seating arrangement of the 773ER is 660. This gives us a factor of 1,808. When we take a look at the Airbus website, we find the A340-600 has a typical 3-clas configuration of 380 pax. Using the 1,808 factor, this would bring us to a maximum seating capacity of 687 seat.

This gives us a clear indication that one of these 2 numbers is incorrect. Personally, I believe the 773ER is has about the correct capacity (about the same as a B744), but the capacity of the A346 is way off.

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Sources :

Ok, ignore this. Found the type certificates of these aircraft and the numbers seem to add up after all (though the 773ER is 550, but the 660 was an error on my behalf). Topic can be deleted.

In AE, we always try to use the maximum certified passenger capacity. If you have the certificates and they don't match, please feel free to re-report it.

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