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Roleplay Words

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Sometimes, you cannot survive a roleplay without these words. They are important in anything you do.

I shall give an Explanation on each word needed for a Roleplay. (Note: This is what I learned from NS)

OOC (Out of Character) - Used when needing to go off-topic for explaining things etc. However, an only OOC post should be PM'ed or posted in an OOC Thread.
An Example:

OOC: Isn't That Godmod? You calculated my deaths. It should be the person in effect counting it.

IC (In Character) - Normally used after the person made an OOC Post.
An Example:

OOC: Isn't That Godmod? You calculated my deaths. It should be the person in effect counting it.
IC: The Commander was in shock on how massive the casualties were, many people died and it was an unacceptable

OP (Opening Poster) - The one who "owns" the thread. However, it is still under the supervision of moderators

BUMP (Bring Up My Post) - Used when no one has posted in your thread for 1-3 days. It is also used when your thread is "back at the line".

Godmod (You know this one) - Controlling someone's actions or making your units impervious to any attack. Shortly explained, to be a "Mad man with power". If someone godmods,
it is good to ignore him/her.

My soldiers have personal shields and are invincible to your attack. They beat up your forces quickly

Why? Because you are making your units invincible

The Ship launched a missile at the aircraft carrier of the enemy, it killed 79 people at once.

Why? Because you just put in the casualties instead of the person in effect.

Open - The thread is in an "Open Doors" mode. Meaning ANYONE can enter.
An Example:
A Dead Man Lurks (Open)

Closed - No one can join in the roleplay anymore.
An Example:
A Dead Man Lurks (Closed)

Semi - Open - Usually used to keep out any unnecessary people. You must PM the person to join the roleplay. However, the OP may invite you.
An Example:
A Dead Man Lurks (Semi Open/Semi-Closed)

Flaming - Insulting one's ideas. Commonly forbidden in any roleplay.
An Example:

F*** You! I Hate Your Ideas!

Spamming - Posting something that is next to useless. Sometimes, One-Liner posts are considered spam.
An Example:


WIP (Work In Progress) - You are working on a thread that may be long. Usually used when "Pausing" work to do it another day.

FanT (Fantasy Technology) - Wizards and stuff

PT (Past Technology) - May vary, can be when we used swords, WW2 Technology, the technology during the Vietnam War

MT (Modern Technology) - The technology on what we use today

PMT (Paramilitary Technology) - Any Tech that is not yet developed, but is considered the next step in MT (2020+ tech)

FT (Future Tech) - Welcome to the future! We have light speed spaceships, explored planets and what not!

However, FT varies.

Space FT - When you are colonizing planets now or are living in a space station far from the solar system

Earth FT - Simply referred as "Ace Combat Technology"

FFAT (Free For All Tech) - The Player may choose any of these tech levels. However, a tech level should be assigned to keep the balance.

To let the players know the tech lvl, simply do this:
A War Against Terror (MT)

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