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[DUPLICATE] Convair Convairliner CV-580 and Convair Convairliner CV-600

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Prior to commenting on an old thread, I did not see the post regarding the protocol for requesting a new aircraft. Please accept my sincerest apologies.

In my opinion, the performance differences are quite remarkable and significant. Several cherished, historic carriers converted these "prop-jet" Convairs which soldiered on well into the 90s with commuter carriers (and even 1 major, though NW may have retired them in '89.. my memory is fuzzy). 

I have taken the liberty of compiling some proposed specifications for both. I'll cite the current data for the piston drivin Convairliners (240/340/440) already in the game and the data published on Prop-Liners.com as my base, along with runway data from short field airports both the 580 and 600 flew in/out of regularly in scheduled service with Air Chatham in NZ along with Trans Texas Airways/Texas International throughout Arkansas/Louisiana (data in the game, old timetables/route maps, and Jeppesen), and last recorded conversion dates for the planes for end of production (RZJets.net). For the cost, I simply compared the original cost of the piston powered predecessors (the 440 for the 580, 240 for the 600) and multiplied by the margin of difference between 60-series and 70-series DC-8s pricing in the game, ensuring that the costs were logically in-line with competing aircraft (e.g., the F27). See below:


Name: Convair CV-580

Family: Convairliner

Average Speed: 325 mph

Max Seats: 52

Range: 1,863 miles (2,866 max)

Turn Time: 20 min

Average Min. Runway Length: 4,254 ft

Base Price: $16,200,000

Monthly Lease: $180,000

Delivery Starts: January 19th, 1960

Production Ends: End of 1969

Engines: 2

Name: Allison 501-D13D

Thrust: 3,800

Weight: 1,750

Fuel Flow: 2,930

Adjusted Price: 16,200,000

Adjusted Lease: 180,000

Adusted Speed: 325

Adjusted Range: 1,863 (2,866 max)

Adjusted Min. Runway Length: 4,254 ft


Name: Convair CV-600

Family: Convairliner

Average Speed: 309 mph

Max Seats: 48

Range: 1,235 miles (1,900 max)

Turn Time: 20 min

Average Min. Runway Length: 4,098 ft

Base Price: $13,900,000

Monthly Lease: $154,444

Delivery Starts: May 20th, 1965

Production Ends: End of 1968

Engines: 2

Name: Rolls Royce Dart RDa10 Mk 542-4

Thrust: 2,750

Weight: 1,560

Fuel Flow: 2,540

Adjusted Price: 13,900,000

Adjusted Lease: 154,444

Adusted Speed: 309

Adjusted Range: 1,235 (1,900 max)

Adjusted Min. Runway Length: 4,098 ft


Thank you for your consideration!



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I'm in charge of data now and will allow this. Need to update our sheets. 

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