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[ACCEPTED] Macg | Everett Airlines

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Everett Airlines


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Airline in game (if applicable):

Not at the moment, but I hope to work on one soon, it is the main reason I found AE.


Airline Nation of Origin:

United States


Airline Description:

Following the war, Everett Airlines was founded in 1949 in Everett WA, out of Paine Field, until the early 50s when it was converted to a military base, and the hub location moved to SEA airport, 40 miles south of Everett. Everett Airlines experienced serious growth in the 60s and 70s, blasting them into the jet age, until the late 70s when with rising oil prices, they started becoming more conscious of their fuel usage. The 80s and 90s went well, until the early 2000s following 9/11, Everett Airlines was hit hard by the lack of passengers and was at risk of closure. They lived on, even after the 2008 recession. Everett had to restructure in order to survive in 2008, but they came out of it stronger than ever, up to today which they still continue to have the same success.


When did you first join Airline Empires:

I first created my account December 11, 2020 when I was going to make my first post to the gallery, even though I had been on the website for at least a year before. I started with my first airline Southeast Airlines. 


Please list any former alliance experience on Airline Empires:

I haven't been apart of any alliance yet, I've been more focusing on my own airlines, but I have always wanted to join but never really seen an opportunity to until now.


Please list at least 4 other brands previously made on/for Airline Empires:

Durango, Colombia, Schweizflug, and another which was on the gallery but i took down, AeroPacifica.


What makes you interested in joining the Atlas Alliance:

Since I haven't been involved with alliances, I have been waiting to try it out with something new. I wanted to basically join something while it was also still new so I could figure it out a lot better. 


What makes you think you would work well within the ranks of the Atlas Alliance:

I think I would work well in Atlas because I have been making designs for quite a while now, constantly improving and finding better ways to do things, and can contribute much to the community of Atlas, and to the entire AE community as a whole. :)


Are you able to participate within the AE Gallery along with the Atlas Alliance Discord server:



Do you have any questions for the applications staff before the processing of your application?:

Nope (: I don't think so, but if u have any questions for me, just DM me

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Thank you for your interest in Atlas Alliance. Your application will now be reviewed further.



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We are happy to present to you membership to Atlas Alliance. Welcome! We will contact you via discord for access to our community server.

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