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Mongolian Airlines - JuniperJuice [ACCEPTED]

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Title of application:
Mongolian Airlines
Airlines country of origin:
Please list any secondary airlines affiliated with your primary airline:
Mongolian Air Cargo
Prior alliance experience (if any):
I have no prior alliance experience.
Why do you want to join UnitedWings:
I've received suggestions from a handful of members of the AE community to apply to an alliance such as UnitedWings. I've given it a lot of thought, but I think that joining an alliance would serve to improve my skills and would help for me to integrate myself better in the AE community.
I settled on UnitedWings because it is currently the most active alliance present on the gallery, along with it having a roster of highly exceptional brands and members that consistently carry themselves in a presentable manner on the gallery. In a space like UnitedWings, I think that I would be able to receive more meaningful, constructive, and refined feedback from reputable members of the community.
What can you bring to the alliance:
I can bring a different perspective when it comes to design, something that I personally value a lot. Although my skills may not be as refined as other members of UnitedWings, I still think that I can bring good feedback and advice to a discussion if necessary. I also have an affinity for exploring and developing brands for more obscure parts of the world, which lends to improve the diversity of brands and cultures represented within UnitedWings.
Why should we accept you:
Ever since I joined Airline Empires in the middle of the year, I've been working to improve my work, even behind the scenes. Design is something that I've begun to really value and enjoy and joining a space of UnitedWings would help me to improve my work more so than it already has in recent months. I've been receptive to feedback given by other people, and I value the criticism and opinions of others, an attribute that I think is necessary in order to improve in arts in general. Although my quantity of work on the gallery is smaller compared to others, I have much more planned for the future. 
Are you prepared to remain active on AE and the UW Discord Server.



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Thank you for interest in UnitedWings.


Your application will now be voted on by the member body.

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Congratulations, your application was accepted. Welcome to Unitedwings!


Expect a DM from me shortly.


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