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AV8R - Magavia

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    I just really like airplanes

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Airline Name (if you wish to bring in more than one, list all of the names):  Magavia Hungarian Airlines (and possibly Luftviking)


Description: Magavia Hungarian Airlines is the flag-carrier of Hungary and operates a fleet of over 50 aircraft from its hub in Budapest. Founded in 1950, the airline inherited the remains of the pre-World War II airline Aviatika Rt. and began a slow but stead growth with a fleet of new Soviet-built aircraft. By the late 1980s, Magavia had grown into one of the most successful airlines in the Eastern Bloc. However, the fall of the communist government in 1989 forced the company into a new era. By the mid 1990s, the airline was privatized and began to face the challenges of competing with other European carriers. Additionally, the airline replaced its fleet of ageing Soviet-era airliners with modern Western-built types. These new aircraft enabled Magavia to become a powerful force in European aviation and achieve a global presence via new long-haul routes. Today, Magavia is continuing to expand and develop as it seeks to better serve its customers an connect Hungary to the world.


Do you hold any alliance experience?: Yes.


List previous alliances, if applicable: Venture Alliance (current member).


How much Airline Empires experience do you have?: Three years.


What has moved you to become a Polaris member?: To put it simply, excellence. I've seen the high standards of excellence that Polaris upholds and how the members treat other people and present their work. Polaris has inspired me to be a better designer and contribute more to the AE community. If I am accepted as a member, I know that Polaris will help me continue to do that and help keep the AE community strong. Also, Dondee recommended I apply :D


What can you bring to the alliance as a member?: A positive and humble attitude, my livery/brand design skills (always trying to improve), and my ability to operate realistic airlines in-game.


Are you capable of remaining active, whether it's on our Discord or on this site?: Yes.


Can you successfully maintain a realistic airline in-game?: Yes. 







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Dear AV8R,

Thank you for showing interest in Polaris Alliance! Your application is currently being processed, and a vote is being held. We will get back to you as soon as we can.




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Hello AV8r,

Congratulations! You have been voted into the Polaris Alliance by the member body. A PM will be sent to you within the next 24 hours regarding further information.

Welcome to Polaris!

The Polaris Executives

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