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Good reputation without huge fleet

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Hi fellow players,


New to the game, as you can probably tell. Been playing for a few days now!


I seem to have gotten the hang of things fairly quickly. Most things are fairly straight forward - and by watching what other airlines do, you can soon be on your way to earning millions (or billions...  O_O )


Down to the real question now though, as the title says - can I have good reputation without a huge fleet? I would prefer not to have a massive fleet of aircraft well into the thousands. A nice 'small' fleet of say 100-200 would be quite alright (I think? :/ ). Opening routes up simply to earn more money, and eventually having an airline that flies to a countless number of destinations is something I would prefer to avoid if at all possible.


'Route network size' contributes to 20% of the overall airline reputation. Doing some quick maths - I should be able to gain a very nice looking reputation, IF I have high percentages in the remaining components? Marketing can add up to 15% to your reputation as far as I can understand? Is it worth doing, and what should the budget be broken into?


Joining an alliance is also a possibility, handing out a further 10% - again no need for me to have all the routes in order to gain this extra percentage booster.


And lastly, having a smaller fleet obviously means less profit per day - would this disadvantage me in the long run when competing against other airlines for routes?




Basically what I'm asking is... can I gain a high reputation without the need of leasing/buying hundreds and hundreds of aircraft (route network size reputation component)?


And one other little thing (in relation to 'route reputation') - if for example I operate an airline with a lot of low traffic routes without the need for dozens of flights a week, how does this work with the frequency of flights sub-section of this reputation component?


Thanks for reading my questions if you reached this far... I look forward to your help and information!  :D

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Betty Marilyn Smith


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Yes there is a way.

Go to airline options and then airline reputation and you can see the list of criterion to get a good reputation.

What you mainly need is high employee salary, good range of destinations (200 for max reputation), maintain a positive cash value, join an alliance with a wide range of destinations (600 for max), and good route reputation.

40% of your overall reputation is under route reputation, hence route reputation is really important.

Route reputation has multiple subcategories, that is good legroom (configure your aircraft in a low-density format), on time performance (basically the same as high employee salary), frequency of flights, and good IFS and IFE.

I would strongly discourage marketing at the start as it is a waste of money, but if your main goal is to get a high reputation, then you should do marketing once you have a good cash inflow (maybe 30 million a day?)

Do short routes, but high frequencies. Once your frequency bar is full, proceed on to a new route and just go on and on until you hit 200 routes, then start marketing and complete the above to get full reputation. Then you're pretty much done.



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I run typically 1000 to 1500 and pretty consistent about being in top 5 of reputation.

All depends on the way you run the game. 



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*** useful information :) ***


Cheers for that. Sent you a message with some further questions if you wouldn't mind checking it out!



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If you would like a lesson on having a good reputation without a huge fleet: http://ae31.airline-...ae3r4&player=18

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