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(PENDING) TechLime - Pan African

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Title: Techlime – Pan African



Pan African




Pan African was started in the mid-60s when it became apparent that Africa needed an air transportation network.  The airline is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with domestic operations hubbed in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.  The goal is to expand realistically, but also consider the needs of the African people as well as logistic challenges of the African continent.


Alliance History Past/Current:

I am a member of GlobalOne alliance on the Virtual airline side, but no alliance affiliation on AE


Why do you want to join Dynasty World Alliance? 

Everything I see from DWA is professional and realistic, that aligns with my goals for PAN exactly.


What inspired you to apply for Dynasty World Alliance? 

The professionalism and realism I see from member airlines


How much experience in the AE community do you currently have? 

A couple years, I have been busy IRL lately, but I am buckling down and working hard to make Pan African truly the “Wings of Africa”


Which additional airlines/brands do you intend to bring into the alliance?

None, unless there is a LCC offshoot of PAN later on.


Are you capable of running airlines in-game on a regular basis? 

Yes, I plan to spend a couple hours a day making PAN as good as it can be.




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Dear TechLime,


Thank you for applying to Dynasty World Alliance. I will review your application, and we will put it to a vote.



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