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Austrian Airlines Business Class Chicago to Vienna

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This report is the second in a series of a trip to Croatia.

United Airlines 737-700 First Class Jackson Hole to Chicago

Austrian Airlines 767-300 Business Class Chicago to Vienna

Austrian Airlines A321-100 Business Class Vienna to Split

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Austrian Airlines 767-300 Business Class Vienna to Chicago

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Austrian Airlines

Boeing 767-300

Seat 1A(Business Class)


We spent the last two hours in the Swiss lounge at Chicago’s terminal five before proceeding to the gate. We arrived at the gate just as boarding was starting.


This was definitely among the most unorganized boarding of a plane I have ever seen in my life. First, boarding of Business Class and Star Alliance Gold members started, which happened to be about 80% of the plane. Then Economy boarding started, which meant use both lanes for boarding and run for your life. I eventually boarded and had my passport checked. Upon entering the plane, I was directed to my seat by the flight attendants wearing the absolute brightest uniforms I have ever seen in my life. It did not take me long to reach my seat where a blanket(very comfortable), pillow, pillow cover and bed sheet were waiting for me. (not included in photo).


I quickly familiarized myself with the seat. I quickly realized that the seats closer to the window are much more private. Also, the bulkhead have a ton more legroom. In the pocket next to my seat were a pair of noise-cancelling headphones(though they were not very good) as well as a basic amenity kit.

One thing that made boarding a little bit of organized chaos is the fact that the 767 only has one boarding door, which results with all of the economy passengers passing through the business cabin while boarding. The flight attendants still did manage to offer a pre departure beverage to all of the passengers. The in-flight chef then distributed menus as well as breakfast order sheets. The chef then came and took order sheets and inquired what passengers were having as their appetizer.


The boarding door closed a couple minutes late but we then pushed back and began our long taxi across the Chicago airport. We lined up and began our very long takeoff roll towards Vienna.


Once again, similar to my first flight that day, it took forever for the seat belt sign to be turned off. Once the sign had been turned off, the flight attendant began their service starting with drinks and the setting of tables.

The flight attendant then distributed nuts and then started with appetizers. I had brought my own food so I have absolutely nothing to say about the meal, though my family said the food was spectacular. Once the meal had finished, flight attendants distributed coffee menus, which I did not partake in due to the fact that I wanted to sleep. After the meal service, I decided to walk around the plane. When you walk around the plane you realize that the 767 is a really small plane. The economy cabin looked nice though featured slim line seats. After my walk, I fully reclined my seat and checked out the entertainment selection with was very limited and not very good, though it is changed every month. I eventually decided on “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”, which was pretty horrible.

It was nice having the sheet and pillow cover as it added the feeling of sleeping in proper bedding. One annoying thing that the seat constantly does is inflate and then deflate at random point with out the massage function being turned on. Also, I highly recommend choosing 1K in stead of 1A. On the A side, there is a closet on the side of the bulkhead that the flight attendants are constantly opening and closing which created quite a bit of light and sound.

I still did manage to sleep the rest of the way over the Atlantic and into mainland Europe, just as the breakfast service was starting. For breakfast I had ordered a fruit plate. The fruit plate turned out to be very basic, though the fruit did taste good. While I ate breakfast I watched a couple of comedy TV shows to pass the time. Soon enough, we had begun our descent into Vienna. Flight Attendants passed through the cabin and started to stow peoples belongings an open window shades. At this point we were requested to put our seats in the upright positions and flight attendants did their final safety checks before we passed over the Danube River.

We soon touched down in Vienna to a very hard landing. There was quite a backup on the taxiway as we landed. We started to taxi to the gate I got to see the new Vienna Skylink Terminal for the first time. Unfortunately we got a nice European welcome, also known as a remote stand. We pulled in right next to another 767 which we would be flying back to Chicago in a little under two weeks(OE-LAY). As soon as the seatbelt sign was turned off the organized chaos of boarding restarted. Although this time it was who could get a seat on the bus fastest. Luckily I was the first person off the plane and got to choose any seat on the bus that I wanted.

The bus ride was quite long in relation to the distance from the plane to the terminal. Due to the fact that we were connecting to Split, we did not have to go through immigration, and instead proceeded to the G gates as we were going to an international destination. This I did not understand because, Croatia is part of the EU. Anyway, due to the fact that we were in the G gates, we could use the international business class lounge. We were quickly checked into the lounge, which was amazingly small for being Austrian’s only main international business lounge. It featured seating area near the windows that had great views as well as very nice shower rooms. The food and beverage selection was slightly small.



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