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Flying Delta One MAN-JFK

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So this is my first ever trip report and I just want to apologise for the poor photos. I can't seem to rotate them anywhere!


DL235 / 18NOV15 / MAN-JFK / 10:55-13:45


Boeing 757-200 / N705TW (SkyTeam Livery)


Delta One Cabin / Seat 1D


I pulled up to the airport at 08:50 to find an empty departures hall, I breezed through check-in and headed straight for security. Again, I breezed through security and once airside, I headed straight for my gate, since Delta start boarding 1 hour prior to departure. Thanks to flightradar24, I already knew that I was going to be flying on-board N705TW, painted in SkyTeam colours, my first flight of this kind.


N705TW in SkyTeam colours at Gate 204 (Yes, that is a Beluga in the background)

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After I settled into my seat, a Flight Attendant then offered Champagne, Orange Juice or a Mimosa. I opted for a Mimosa. I was thrilled to hear that seat 1C would be left empty. Today's flight load would find 9 out of 15 seats taken in the One cabin and 148 out of 149 in the Economy cabin.


My seat looking forward.

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A couple of snaps of F-GSTF. The Beluga isn't a frequent visitor at MAN, but it was diverted here due to weather at CEG. Apologies for the quality, we were taxing to the runway at this point.

Attached File  IMG_2680.JPG   93.76KB   1 downloads Attached File  IMG_2682.JPG   89.04KB   0 downloads


Food Menu. I opted for the Beef.

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In Delta One, you get a 5 course meal. When I've flown in the past to ATL, each course is brought out individually, but on the MAN-JFK flight, the first 3 courses are brought out together. I don't like this though.


Here are the first 3 courses. Salmon, Feta Cheese Salad & Mushroom Soup.

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My Main. The Beef was good, the Mac 'n' Cheese not so good.

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For Dessert, Ice Cream with ALL the toppings.

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After the meal service, I went to sleep for a couple of hours. I slept real good due to the seats on the 757 allowing you to put your armrest down, something you can't do on the 767. It creates a lot more room also, so turning over isn't so much a struggle.


After I woke up, I was served a warm cookie. This was delicious, unfortunately I didn't take a photo.


A couple of shots lading into JFK.

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Aircraft Flown - A306, A319, A320, A321, A332, A333, A388 / AT75 / B738, B739, B752, B753, B763, B77L, B77W / E195 / MD88

Airlines Flown - 8Q, BE, BY, CO, DE, DL, EI, EY, FR, KL, PG, QR, UA, VS, VZ, ZB.

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I think the reason they bring out the first 3 courses together is to maximize sleep time on the relatively short flight from MAN-JFK, whereas when flying to ATL they don't need to since they can do the full meal service and still have 6-7 hours for sleeping :P


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