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10. Guangdong Airlines Soviet Fleet


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10. Guangdong Airlines Soviet Fleet

Towards the end of CALC's (China Air Line Company) tenure the cracks began to show and fleets of the subsequent airlines were being formed from the set collapse of the main carrier. CALC was then initially divided into 4 separate airlines, one of them being China Guangdong Airlines which took over the carriers Guangdong provice operations. Because of this GDA inherited several soviet made airliners, the majority of which were the IL-62Ms and TU-134As furthermore the airline inherited 4 IL-86 long range airliners and 2 Boeing 747-100Bs. CALC would collapse in 1989 and thus operations immediately began for Guangdong Airlines, however with this extremely rushed entry into service Guangdong Airlines hastily repainted its acquired fleet and quickly added a logo and some text to the aircraft.

Shown below is B-1841, one of 26 inherited TU-134As

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