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Boeing 737-8

Boeing 737-8

Northern's newest jet, the 737 MAX 8.

We're replacing our old 737-400s with these brand new, factory fresh aircraft. Equipped with Wifi, satellite TV, and a single class layout of 170 seats, we offer the best legroom in the country.

We've also updated our look. The green has been lightened, and our iconic polar bear looks up at the North Star, showing our commitment to our northern communities. The purple flashes are reminiscent of the aurora that so often dominates the skies in the winter. And the Inuk language remains in the title.

As always, our commitment to passengers remains with a free meal and a free drink on every flight.

Welcome aboard. We hope you enjoy your new Northern Airways.

    Oooo Yessss!


    I liked the old tail but I can see this as a logical and entirely believable modernization even it really removes the very nice feeling of the constellation. I guess I can accept the font change as maybe realistic too but I'm not a big fan it's a little chunky and looks too Tonka-truck-looking for my taste given that I see this airline as having gone and continuing to go for a somewhat more upscale carrier.